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HMRC reduce VAT on eBooks to zero

rad The Anthropocene Chronicles on your mobile device

As of May 1st, eBooks have been zero rated for VAT in the UK just as physical books are, to help take advantage of this, we have reduced the price of both of the Anthropocene Chronicles eBooks that are available from Amazon.   for more details: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/zero-rate-of-vat-for-electronic-publications

Now available to read on Kindle Unlimited

Books 1 and 2 of the Chronicles

Today we took the decision to move our ebooks on to Kindle Unlimited, which will allow many of you to read them free of charge, unfortunately to do ths we had to remove them from sale in alternate formats, a move that is acceptable as Amazon had one of the lowest retail prices for the […]

Free sample available to download as pdf

Free download pdf sample

We now offer you the chance to download a free sample of the Anthropocene Chronicles book, including the first short story “Scheduled” by Saranne Bensusan.   This can be downloaded here!  

There are now Promotional Videos appearing online for The Anthropocene Chronicles

On January the First, 2018, just three days prior to the shooting of Lavenders Blue the first promotional video cut together from material for the film was released via Vimeo and YouTube. Source: There are now Promotional Videos appearing online for The Anthropocene Chronicles

Rachael Howard talks Anthropocene Chronicles

Writer Rachael Howard talks about collaboration and getting involved with the Anthropocene Chronicles. Source: Rachael Howard talks Anthropocene Chronicles

Buy The Anthropocene Chronicles from our Streetlib store

Buy on StreetLib

The Anthropocene Chronicles are now available to buy from our Streetlib store  in addition to the many other stores that are currently selling these books.

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