Anthropocene Chronicles Paperback

The Paperback

The Anthropocene Chronicles Paperback is now available from all good bookshops, This is our exciting anthology of stories written by some of the best writers in the genre, both previously published and not published, with tales that follow the lives of those living in a Dystopian society where the majority of the population reside in small apartments underground, while those higher up in society reap the benefits of their labour and Civil Compliance keep order. In addition to containing  all the stories of Part I and Part II,  the book also contains the screenplay for the short film prequel Lavender’s Blue and the first ten pages of the screenplay for the movie Dissonance which is currently being developed.


If you’ve had a chance to read the book please feel free to leave a comment below, otherwise here’s a link to a retailer that is offering free postage!


Saranne Bensusan,Carmen Radtke,Emma Rullar,Rachael Howard,Nick Jackson,Fiona Leitch
The Anthropocene Chronicles Paperback is now available to buy from most bookshops
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