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Anthropocene Chronicles now available from BOL

eBooks now available in Netherlands

Anthropocene Chronicles Parts I & II are now available as epubs from the Dutch retailer BOL, as well as many other epub resellers across Europe as well as on Kindle

Paperback of Complete Parts I & II coming soon

over the last week, we have been compiling a single paperback containing all the stories from The Anthropocene Chronicles Part I and Part II, we have also been hard at work designing a new eye-catching cover for this book along with several pieces of artwork which will be used in its promotion (some of which […]

Rachael Howard talks Anthropocene Chronicles

Writer Rachael Howard talks about collaboration and getting involved with the Anthropocene Chronicles. Source: Rachael Howard talks Anthropocene Chronicles

Buy The Anthropocene Chronicles from our Streetlib store

Buy on StreetLib

The Anthropocene Chronicles are now available to buy from our Streetlib store  in addition to the many other stores that are currently selling these books.

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